Fullmoon Persians and Exotics

GC, NW Fullmoon's Flasher
GP, NW Fullmoon's Flasher
CFA's 24th Best Alter, 2007-08 season
The first ever colorpoint Exotic to earn a National Win!!

Welcome to Fullmoon Persians & Exotics!

Fullmoon Cattery began in 1981, with a black colorpoint carrier female. She was purchased on the night of a fullmoon, which is how we chose our cattery name. We are located in Northern California.

We breed only colorpoints and colorpoint carriers, in both longhair (Himalayans and Persians), and shorthair (Exotics). We show our cats exclusively in CFA, and have acheived both National Breed Wins, and Regional Wins, with both our Himalayans and Exotics.

We occasionally have show-quality cats available to other breeders in the US or overseas. We also have kittens available as family pets, with a strict spay/neuter requirement.

Please enjoy browsing our website, and feel free to send any questions or comments to Tom & Sylvia Cullivan, at FullmoonSC@aol.com.

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